Various Motorcycle Fairings Styles

If you are unaware of what a motorcycle fairing is, it is the extra shell that is placed either on the sides and front of the motorcycle, or else just the front. They are usually of lightweight construction, utilizing fiberglass or other similar materials. They can provide a windscreen above the handlebars to assist with keeping water and other debris from coming into contact with visor of the rider’s helmet, aiding visibility in the process. In this article we will take a closer look at some of the uses for motorcycle fairings, as well as some of the different variations.

Uses for Motorcycle Fairings

Originally fairings were designed to increase the overall size of the front part of the bike, reducing drag and aiding visibility, however, recently fairings have transformed into many different variations, and it is not uncommon to see motorbikes fitted with full fairings. The type of fairing fitted to a bike will have an effect on the handling, steering and aerodynamics of the machine.

Aiding with Fuel Consumption

Another advantage of fitting a fairing to your motorcycle is that it can help with reducing the amount of fuel that you use by improving the flow of air around the bike.

 If you do not have a fairing fitted to your motorcycle then you could be reducing the performance of the machine, as well as increasing the amount of fuel that you use.

Aftermarket Fairings

If you are looking to replace your bike’s existing fairings then aftermarket fairings are a popular choice, and they can save you a lot of money when you need to replace an old or damaged fairing. As well as being a lot cheaper, aftermarket fairings also come pre-painted, pre-drilled and with all the graphics already added, plus they will come ready to be attached to your bike.

Variants of Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings come in a number of different sizes and styles, and the most popular include quarter, half and full fairings. There are also a number of others such as cockpit fairings, and these merely cover the front light as well as providing a low windscreen for protection and to improve aerodynamics. For the uninitiated, half fairings are easily upgradable to full fairings, and this can be something that can be done if the bike owners so wishes, however, a lot of people opt for full fairings.