iPhone SE

Everybody knows Apple. Apple is a mobile phone giant thanks to their flagship iPhone lineups. The iPhone started as a 4-inch mobile phone that has a lot of bells and whistles that truly put the touchscreen mobile phones on the consumer map.

The original CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, wanted a phone that is not more than 4.7-inches because he finds that anything more than that is just absurd. I mean, most people want to operate a phone with just one hand because we live in a world where multitasking is a thing.

Then, when Tim Cook took on the helm, he decided to go bigger on the screen because people are now looking at mobile phones as a media consumption device.

Then, the mobile phone company started to release a lot of 5-6 inch phones to cater for that consumer market.

But, in this article, we are going to talk about a phone from the mobile phone company that pays homage to its roots. We are going to talk about a phone that has a 4-inch form factor. And no, we are not going to talk about an old model, we are going to talk about a new one.

The iPhone SE sports a 4-inch form factor that pays respect to the older generation iPhones. Steve Jobs was right that more than 5-inch phones are a bit absurd. I still want to operate my phone with one hand and anything more than what he mentioned was a bit absurd, to be honest.

That is why the company paid respect to Steve Jobs’ decision and they’ve actually created a new phone having a small form but boasting of impressive specs.

The design of the iPhone SE is quite similar to the iPhone 6, only it has a smaller form factor. I love the fact that the design is sleek and elegant and it still truly embodies the Apple way of creating mobile phones.

It’s got a 4.87-inch LED display with a resolution of 1136×640 and a pixel density of 326ppi. It also comes with the patented Apple’s retina display for truly stunning and crisp images.

The iPhone SE also packs a lot of performance. It comes with the 64-bit A9 chip that is also found on the iPhone 6S, so you are assured that this phone is no slouch despite its smaller form. It is also embedded with the M9 motion coprocessor that acts as a sensor for health apps that track your steps, for example.

The camera of the iPhone SE has also been upgraded. It comes with a 12-megapixel rear camera with some new technologies such as the Focus Pixels technology, true tone flash, Auto HDR, Improved Noise reduction, and so much more.

Although iPhones do not have a flash camera hardware, they have won the hearts of many because of the technologies built-in the operating system.

The iPhone SE also supports 4G LTE services which is a good thing. To make sure that you get consistent and reliable 4G LTE signals, get a mobile phone signal booster and install it either in your home or vehicle.

The iPhone SE is a promising phone and it pays homage to Apple’s roots. It’s got a very good processor, a great camera, all in a small package. I guess small is indeed mighty with the iPhone SE.