Fallout 4 Guaranteed DLC Updates Coming This Year

E3 2016 is finally here and boy, there are a lot of really good announcements already. Now, we are going to focus on Bethesda studios in this article, mainly about the direction of Fallout 4 and what’s in store for the game.

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic, open-world adventure game where you play as a survivor. Your mission is to build settlements and recruit survivors to join your cause.

Now, Bethesda has already released a couple of DLC updates in the past and they’re continually releasing small patches that fix some of the most annoying bugs.

I am really happy that they are committed to giving a solid gaming experience for the fans. But, fans of the game clamor for more content. It seems that most fans do not want to stop playing the game because of its fun nature.

Well, I am glad to report that Bethesda Studios will be releasing DLC updates in the coming months.

Actually, there will be a DLC update to be released next week called the “Contraptions” DLC. This DLC update will have a big emphasis on settlement building as the new DLC update will give you new tools and materials you can use to build your settlements.

Another DLC update called “Vault-Tec”, players will have a chance to build their very own Fallout shelter. Remember at the start of the game where you came out of a shelter? You will have a chance to build your own once the DLC hits.

The Vault-Tec update will be a fun update because you will act as a supervisor while other NPCs will build your dream shelter. The update will be released sometime in July.

And the third DLC update that will be released this year is the “Nuka World”. This DLC update is a little bit ambiguous as there is really no context behind the update (yet). It still remains to be seen what this update will bring but there is a little hint on the trailer that Bethesda studios has shown.

Apparently, there is a Nuka Cola-themed amusement park in the trailer and it probably hints a new plot in the game. Still, that remains to be seen in future updates.

Apart from the DLC updates, Bethesda Studios will be bringing more PC mods to its game console counterparts.

Early this year, Bethesda has been quick to port some popular mods from their PC version and porting it to their Xbox One and Playstation 4 game console counterparts.

Bethesda said that most of the ports will be available on the Xbox One version first and the Playstation 4 afterward.

I think that Bethesda Studios is very happy with Fallout 4. Since its inception on the market, a lot of people are happy playing the game. And, with the inclusion of mods and DLCs, the gameplay experience is continually becoming positive.

So to recap, the Contraptions DLC will be released next week; the Vault-Tec update will be released sometime in July, and the Nuka World will be released later this year.